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Welcome to Aktanak

Aktanak is a repository of information of early stamp seals of the Middle East primarily focusing on Late Neolithic stamp seals. It was initially created to accompany the PhD of Simon Denham, an AHRC funded Collaborative Doctoral Award between the University of Manchester and The British Museum. The thesis was awarded in October 2013. It is the process of being updated to accompany the publication of "Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic Stamp Seals in the British Museum", also by Simon Denham and published by the British Museum Press.

At present it covers 349 stamp seals and 166 other objects, mostly 'pendants' or sealings.

The information can be accessed through a number of methods depending on your interests, if you wish to look specifically at the artefacts from an individual site please go to Regions and narrow down by modern geo-political boundaries, if you wish a specific artefact group via Artefacts and specific materials via Materials.

Key Sites

Arpachiyah Domuztepe