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There are a different number of areas at Arpachiyah. Here i summarise them, or at least pretend to. Mallowan's records being a little incomplete.

Arpachiyah TT

The 'top of the tepe', Arpachiyah TT is the central part of the mound and where a large amount of the find come from. Mallowan divided it from T.T. 1-10 with 1 being the top, and 10 the bottom. 1-5 are Ubaid and later, 6-10 are Halaf. 6 is most famous for containing the burnt house where a large amount of my seals come from.

Arpachiyah Fd/e IV4-V1

No idea, part of F?

Arpachiyah Fb/c V1-2

No idea, part of F?

Arpachiyah A

Area A

Arpachiyah B

Arpachiyah C

Arpachiyah C-D

Arpachiyah D

Arpachiyah E

Arpachiyah E-W Extension

Arpachiyah F

Arpachiyah G

Arpachiyah JK

Arpachiyah Unknown

Many of the artefacts from Arpachiyah do not have a fixed origin or level, as such there site area is recorded as Arpachiyah Unknown.

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