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ArtefactAdditionalMedia Image:None  +
ArtefactBasicColour Black  +
ArtefactCondition Broken suspension  +
ArtefactContext Unknown  +
ArtefactDepotNumber 1934,0210.339  +
ArtefactDepth Unknown  +
ArtefactDescription Sub-oval/triangular dark green stone penda
Sub-oval/triangular dark green stone pendant seal; profile is rounded; pierced at the top; incised geometric design with a central framed unit of square and triangular cross-hatching flanked by incised lines aligned with a central line. Suspension loop is broken.
a central line. Suspension loop is broken.  +
ArtefactDrawing File:None.jpg +
ArtefactExcavator Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan +
ArtefactExcavatorNumber A. 551  +
ArtefactExcavatorType Amulet  +
ArtefactFace File:AP-004 Face.jpg +
ArtefactHeightFull 0.00678 m (0.678 cm, 6.78 mm, 6.78e-6 km, 4.212895e-6 miles, 0.0222 foot, 0.267 inches)  +
ArtefactImpression File:None.jpg +
ArtefactLength 19.07 mm (0.751 inches)  +
ArtefactLocation Category:The British Museum +
ArtefactMeasurementComment Complete  +
ArtefactOther File:None.jpg +
ArtefactPhase ArpMid +
ArtefactReferences Mallowan and Rose (1935) (Pl. VIIIa)  + , Von Wickede (1990) (p.289 no.85)  +
ArtefactReverse File:AP-004 Reverse.jpg +
ArtefactSide File:AP-004 Side.jpg + , File:AP-004 Side B.jpg +
ArtefactSpecificColour Black  +
ArtefactType Category:Stamp Seal +
ArtefactWeight 0 kg (0 g, 0 stones, 0 lb, 0 onces)  +
ArtefactWidth 0.016 m (1.601 cm, 16.01 mm, 1.601e-5 km, 9.94815e-6 miles, 0.0525 foot, 0.63 inches)  +
BodyFace Pear  +
BodyPiercing Pierced through Body  +
BodyReverse Wedge  +
BodyType Pendant  +
DataQuality D +
DesignGroup Stars and Hatches  +
DesignSubGroup Smooth  +
ItemCode AP-004  +
MaterialBasic Category:Stone +
MaterialSpecific Category:Unknown Stone +
Period Halaf +
PhaseComment Typed record records T.T. Terrace W. Side,
Typed record records T.T. Terrace W. Side, hand-written appears to say T.T. Trenches W. Side but is pretty illegible. There is no record of a terrace in any part of T.T. This artefact is typologically is typically Halaf so has been assumed to come from ArpMid.
f so has been assumed to come from ArpMid.  +
Site Category:Arpachiyah +
SiteArea Category:Arpachiyah Site Areas +
SiteLot Unassigned +
SiteLotGroup Unassigned +
SubPeriod Unknown (Arpachiyah)  +
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AP-004 + , AP-004 +
Categories Stamp Seal , Unknown Stone , Stamp Seal at Arpachiyah , Stone at Arpachiyah , Unknown Stone at Arpachiyah , Smooth
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19 January 2012 16:25:15  +
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Artefact  +
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