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ArtefactAdditionalMedia Image:None  +
ArtefactBasicColour Black  +
ArtefactCondition Good  +
ArtefactContext Loose in soil  +
ArtefactDepotNumber 1934,0210.361  +
ArtefactDepth Unknown  +
ArtefactDescription This object is not from Arpachiyah, instea
This object is not from Arpachiyah, instead it is from a site about 2 km from Arpachiyah called Gogjeli. It is included here within Arpachiyah for ease of use and no information is available on the site of Gogjeli. Black boar's or bull's head stone pendant seal; pierced through the ears; incised geometric design has a central line with 4 crosses and lots of aligned diagonal lines.
rosses and lots of aligned diagonal lines.  +
ArtefactDrawing File:None.jpg +
ArtefactExcavator Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan +
ArtefactExcavatorNumber A. 887  +
ArtefactExcavatorType Amulet  +
ArtefactFace File:AP-026 Face.jpg +
ArtefactHeightFull 0.01 m (1.003 cm, 10.03 mm, 1.003e-5 km, 6.232351e-6 miles, 0.0329 foot, 0.395 inches)  +
ArtefactImpression File:None.jpg +
ArtefactLength 26.38 mm (1.039 inches)  +
ArtefactLocation Category:The British Museum +
ArtefactMeasurementComment Complete  +
ArtefactOther File:None.jpg +
ArtefactPhase ArpMid +
ArtefactReferences Von Wickede (1990) (p.291 no.164)  + , Mallowan and Rose (1935) (Pl. VII(b) & Fig 51.9)  +
ArtefactReverse File:AP-026 Reverse.jpg +
ArtefactSide File:AP-026 Side.jpg + , File:AP-026 Side B.jpg + , File:AP-026 Side C.jpg +
ArtefactSpecificColour Black  +
ArtefactType Category:Stamp Seal +
ArtefactWeight 0 kg (0 g, 0 stones, 0 lb, 0 onces)  +
ArtefactWidth 0.00945 m (0.945 cm, 9.45 mm, 9.45e-6 km, 5.871956e-6 miles, 0.031 foot, 0.372 inches)  +
BodyFace Naturalistic  +
BodyPiercing Vertical Eyelet  +
BodyReverse Bulb  +
BodyType Pendant  +
DesignGroup Stars and Hatches  +
DesignSubGroup Smooth  +
ItemCode AP-026  +
MaterialBasic Category:Stone +
MaterialSpecific Category:Unknown Stone +
Period Halaf +
PhaseComment This artefact is from Gogjeli and the only
This artefact is from Gogjeli and the only contextual information is that it was associated with Halaf pottery. This makes contextualisation difficult as the morphology, though not the design, is also very unusual. Have assigned to ArpMid but the certainty of this designation is limited.
certainty of this designation is limited.  +
SealingType Not a Sealing  +
Site Category:Arpachiyah +
SiteArea Category:Unknown +
SiteLot Unassigned +
SiteLotGroup Unassigned +
SubPeriod Unknown (Arpachiyah)  +
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AP-026 + , AP-026 +
Categories Stamp Seal , Unknown Stone , Stamp Seal at Arpachiyah , Stone at Arpachiyah , Unknown Stone at Arpachiyah , Smooth
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19 January 2012 16:25:29  +
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Artefact  +
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