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Aerial view of Arpachiyah
Aerial view of Arpachiyah
Name Arpachiyah
Start Date 7000
End Date 6100
Site Period Halaf, Ubaid
Coords 36° 22' 38", 43° 12' 40"
Location Iraq
Type Tell Site
Size 125 m²
1.25e-4 km²
4.82625e-5 sqmi
125 sqm
0.0309 acres
0.0125 ha

General Information

Tell Arpachiyah is a small site in Northern Iraq near the city of Mosul. It was first surveyed by Reginald Thompson in 1928, and excavated by Max Mallowan and John Cruikshank Rose in 1933 (Mallown and Rose, 1935). Limited additional work was carried out by Ismail Hijara in 1976 (Hijara, 1978).

It is one of the few major Halaf sites and was for a long time one of the only stratified sequences available (Campbell, 2000; 1) for the Halaf. Its significance comes despite the fact the site is tiny, only 0.0125 ha and poorly excavated with up to 180 workers to 2 supervisors with half these workers having no prior archaeological experience (Campbell, 2000; 2, Mallowan and Rose, 1935; 8).

Despite this however Arpachiyah is one of the most important sites for the study of the Halaf glyptic with 127 seals and amulets and almost 50 sealings. The seals from Arpachiyah are one of the largest collections within Aktanak and are mostly held at the British Museum or the Iraq museum, the British Museum seals I have examined, but information on the seals from the Iraq museum has had to be derived from secondary sources. Further examples are also found at the Institute of Arcaeology, UCL. At present Aktanak contains only objects from the British Museum, others will be added in due course.

The majority of the data on the artefacts can be found in the categories section at the bottom of the page, specific generated information can be found immediately below.

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Specific Information

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Tell Arpachiyah


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PeriodHalaf + and Ubaid +
SiteCoords36° 22' 38", 43° 12' 40"Latitude: 36.3775
Longitude: 43.211305555556
SiteCountryIraq +
SiteEnd6100 +
SiteSize1.25e-4 km² (4.82625e-5 sqmi, 125 sqm, 0.0309 acres, 0.0125 ha, 125 m²) +
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