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Picture of Domuztepe
Picture of Domuztepe
Name Domuztepe
Start Date 6500
End Date 5500
Site Period Pottery Neolithic, Halaf
Coords 37° 19' 52", 37° 2' 39"
Location Turkey
Type Tell Site
Size 20 ha
0.2 km²
0.0772 sqmi
200,000 sqm
49.421 acres
200,000 m²

General Information

Domuztepe is a large site, dating to the dates above. It has extensive prehistoric architectural, burial, and occupational remains. The site also has evidence of Roman and Medieval occupation, although these areas are not the focus of research. Joint excavations led by Elizabeth Carter of the University of California, Los Angeles and Stuart Campbell of the University of Manchester have were undertaken between 1995 and 2007. Since 2008 the excavation has been is now joint between Stuart Campbell of the University of Manchester and Alexandra Fletcher of the British Museum. The team also involves a wide variety of other individuals from a wide range of institutions, including the author.

Specific information on the Domuztepe excavation can be found in various publications (see the References section at the bottom of this page.

Specific Information

Please follow this link to query the data from Domuztepe if your query is of a specific nature, for example if you wanted to know all the Stamp Seals from Domuztepe that are Green as arranged by the year they were found. Essentially, any data trawling on the data from Domuztepe I haven't pre-generated. The pre-generated data can be found in the next section.

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Pre-Generated Information

The links below go to information pages I have generated that directly relate to the data from Domuztepe. For information on specific artefacts or materials can be found in the links at the bottom of the page in the Sub-Categories section below references.

Measurements of Seals by type at Domuztepe

Measurements of objects from Domuztepe

Material of objects from Domuztepe

Bibliographic data from Domuztepe

Contextual information of objects from Domuztepe

Colour of objects from Domuztepe

Condition of objects from Domuztepe

Classification of objects from Domuztepe

Full Data of objects from Domuztepe



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Facts about "Domuztepe"
PeriodPottery Neolithic + and Halaf +
SiteCoords37° 19' 52", 37° 2' 39"Latitude: 37.33139
Longitude: 37.0442
SiteCountryTurkey +
SiteEnd5500 +
SiteSize0.2 km² (0.0772 sqmi, 200,000 sqm, 49.421 acres, 20 ha, 200,000 m²) +
SiteStart6500 +
SiteTypeTell Site +
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